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How to choose the best sanitary pads?

best sanitary pads

The sanitary pads will be your reliable companion during the period. We will explain how to choose the best sanitary pads for you.

Maybe you have seen those of your mother, an older sister, or a companion who has already been through this. Pads are the most comfortable way to carry the days of your period. Her mission is to get comfortable in your underwear, absorb menstrual blood, and retain it so that you can feel dry and calm.

What do I have to take into account to choose the best one?

The amount of flow: Each woman is different. If it is heavy bleeding, you can be calmer by using the super comfort towels with absorbent gel and channels to bring the flow to the center of the pad and not to your underwear. If your bleeding is light, thin pads are perfect for you.

The first two days of your period will be the time of greatest flow. It is important that you always have a couple of additional pads in your backpack, in case it is necessary to replace them during the day.

best sanitary pads

When we sleep, it is easier to spill on a normal pad. To avoid staining your pajamas, the best alternative is the winged night pads, which have a longer design and give you all the security to sleep without worrying.

Some women have an irregular menstrual cycle and do not know for sure what day their period will come. One way to get ready is to wear protectors on those previous days when you suspect your period might come. You can use daily protectors or double function protectors, which also fit your thong panties.

Before choosing your towel, think - how delicate is your skin?

First of all, we must know how delicate our skin is. Remember that the skin of our genital area is thinner and more sensitive than that of other parts of the body. Therefore, it is more prone to suffer from both irritations and infections. 

skin friendly sanitary pads

In this sense, if your skin is very sensitive, you should not use pads with fragrances. In addition, it is convenient to choose a medium flow, so it will not irritate you. 

How abundant is your flow?

Another point to consider is the amount of your flow. For example: if it is very abundant, it is best to use the best sanitary pads that resist that capacity. Also, you can use panties or boxers to keep everything under control on those days. On the contrary, if your flow is low, you can use thin towels or panty liners.

Sanitary Pads - which one is better?

When choosing intimate hygiene products, you should not be carried away by fashions, but by the quality and protection, they provide us, especially on days when we already feel more uncomfortable and irritable. 

In a matter of the best sanitary pads or compresses, it is worth considering some aspects:

- Absorption: The best sanitary pads absorb the menstrual flow, so it is necessary to take into account their thickness and their speed of absorption and retention (the surface of the towel is kept dry) to avoid uncomfortable situations.

- Adhesion: They must adhere, without risk of moving to the intimate garment, and when removing it, avoid choosing those that leave traces of glue. The most advisable thing is to opt for the models with wings.

best sanitary pads

Know about the different types of sanitary pads:

- Day or night: Choose a suitable model for every moment of the day, as the night pads are designed to protect a larger area (they are longer) when lying down. The wings are also larger and more flexible to prevent the pad from moving during sleep. They are recommended because their flow absorption capacity is greater.

- For sports: The ultrathin ones are specially designed to provide good protection and greater comfort when playing sports (except swimming, a sport in which the use of a tampon is recommended).

- Bio sanitary pads: Products with an ecological conscience, especially considering the millions of towels and tampons that are thrown away every year. With the philosophy of combining quality, price, and respect for the environment, in recent times the alternative of the best sanitary pads has re-emerged.

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