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Guiding you to the best Sanitary Pad in India!

I have been investigating into the female hygiene space to hunt the right product for my daughter to use. I am a huge advocate of tampons myself but I am not sure if Tampons is the right option for young girls who are just getting their periods. I would like to consult a gynaecologist and clarify but before that, I wanted some true solid public opinion. 

So a quick pretext to what we have in the India Market, 3 MNCs that rule the market, it is just recently over the last 2 years I have seen any other female hygiene product on the shelves. Being the inquisitive consumer I am I have tried all the products for my daughter be it sanitary pads or the single tampon brand we have in India, I must say the new napkin pads are heavenly but we need more options in Tampons, for me, it was that I had to find the Best sanitary Pads for my Daughter, like all mothers we can settle for nothing other than the best sanitary pads for our loved ones.


First starting the debate for the best sanitary pads, we have the 3 main brands that I would not like to even mention cause they do not figure on my top 3 list. Why am I not making a top 10 chart, because I'm sure on what you should buy and to be honest these are the sanitary pad brands that are actually working towards a sustainable and natural future for the feminine care and in general. 

3 Best Napkin pads that I have used are the following - In order of my choice 

1) LAIQA : Good For Her & Good For Earth
2) Heyday 
3) Plush

Now, these brands are natural brands that are selling napkin pads at a premium price,

Yes, they are expensive but they guarantee a safe and comfortable period, which is shockingly durable. The reason why I did not name all the brands that are natural is because the utility of the product when they shift to organics is not the same. That is the exact reason why I have LAIQA up there because the napkin is true to being an absorber & comforter, at the same time they are natural. This defies all the laws the market has!

1) LAIQA - A Napkin that promises to be the softest, strongest and lightest napkin pad in the WORLD has taken the consumer and me by storm, they have provided a napkin to the market that perfectly solves the pain points in the market. Containing 7 % Plastic, Made of cotton fibers that help us keep the product biodegradable.

2) Heyday - Made with Organic Fibers which are Bamboo and Corn Starch, they are very delicate and lack absorbency. Made in China these are premium quality napkins but can not be used for over an hour and a half due to the organic nature of the product.

3) Plush - Not an organic product and also not a cotton-based product. It uses non-woven fibers to construct the top layer of the napkin. They have tried to make the pad Anion based, which is the USP of their product. They believe the anion chip will help relieve pain and reduce cramps although these points are not possible to justify through science. 

Through the knowledge and understanding I have gained, and the endless personal conversation I have made with all sanitary napkin companies, there is a clear distinction between the ones who care and who don't. It is not only in the product but also the services they provide. The customer interaction and solution at LAIQA is world-class, with a team willing and able to receive calls 24/7. They not only stand strongly for menstrual education but are willing to help on every day.

The future is a brand that can literally walk you down the path of periods, with open-ended conversations and high-quality products, and as of now for me, LAIQA is really at the top of the chart.

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  • deepanshi on April 13, 2020

    I’ve tried Laiqa and Heyday sanitary napkin they are super absorbent, organic in nature.

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