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Eco-Friendly Pads, Good for Her & Good for Earth!

An Eco-Friendly Period

How to have an Eco-Friendly Period!

Today's women deserve and demand the best quality eco-friendly sanitary protection over their periods. Eco-friendly Pads offer you a stress-free, rash-free ultra-soft period. Now there are lots of options on the market but which products are actually selling under the Eco-Friendly pads banner is what we need to check.

 The choices are as follows -

Organic Tampons and Sanitary Towels 

The market stocks a range of disposable organic tampons and sanitary pads from LAIQA to FLO. These products have been developed to have a minimal environmental impact, using GM-free cotton, Bio - Plastic for leak-proofing, and degradable or recycled packaging. Far kinder to the environment than conventional disposable brands, yet still performing well. Also gentler on you as they do not contain the super absorbent crystals found in conventional sanitary pads. Making the market well facilitated with Eco-Friendly Pads.

 Reusable or Washable Sanitary Towels

The market has settled on a few of the best quality products. Reusable sanitary towels have soft fabric outers (usually cotton), making them breathable and cool, no more pads gluing themselves to your underwear, and can simply be washed in your machine with other laundry. From reusable panty liners through a range of reusable sanitary towels and right up to super absorbent night or postpartum menstrual pads, the market has something that is earth-friendly for everyone. A range of styles and patterns are available, including latex-free and organic.  

Menstrual Cups

Earth-friendly products are the center of this article and we had to mention menstrual cups. They sit internally, like a tampon, but lower down, and simply collect your flow. For many women, this proves a far more comfortable option. Tampons not only soak up your menstrual flow but all the natural moisture present, which can leave you feeling dry and sore. Menstrual cups do not do this as they do not soak. They contain up to 15ml off fluid at a time, making them perfect for heavy periods. Both UK and European brands are stocked, all made from medical grade silicone. Which is also what is present in India making them an earth-friendly option.

Menstrual sea sponge tampons 

The new entrant in the market, in comparison to all the options written above. An internal product, sea sponge tampons are small sea sponges that sit internally to absorb your flow, much like a tampon, but with the difference that you simply rinse and re-insert as required. They last around a year and can then be composted, making them very eco-friendly. Two brands are stocked, both from UK companies although the sponges themselves grow naturally in the Mediterranean.

Many women who switch to eco-friendly / Earth Friendly sanitary products report that their periods are less painful, some have also reported that they no longer suffer from monthly thrush. This is purely anecdotal, but interesting nonetheless.

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  • udita on April 04, 2020

    Eco-friendly pads are the best to use.

  • warina hussain on March 30, 2020

    very informational and nicely explained.

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