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Chemicals touching my vagina!?

chemical free sanitary pads

Unfortunately due to the lack of awareness around the menstruation cycle women do not question the products and the myths. The products are of the lowest quality and the price of the product has consistently increased for the same product that is being supplied, which is a plastic-based 3 layer pad that does not serve the purpose of a hygienic and safe period. Chemicals are loaded into your pad to make it efficient as the basic raw materials that are used are not sufficient to withstand the flow of a woman, they use chlorine, fragrances and sap powder to keep you locked in. So the question arises, why can we not resort to chemical-free sanitary pads, are chemical-free sanitary pads available in the market? This article will help you understand the benefits of using a chemical-free sanitary pad!

breathable sanitary pads

1) No Allergies 

 Due to the sanitary napkin not having any plastic content, this results in a safe and rash free period. As the Pad will not suffocate the Vagina there will be less sweating and moisture which results in allergies. Also the chemical free pad ensures that there is no friction between the plastic content and your vagina which again results in no allergies as the friction amongst the 2 results in allergies. So instead of going for a plastic used napkin we recommend you go ahead with a Chemical-free sanitary pad which will ensure friction against a natural soft surface, cotton!

 2) No Fragrances 

 There is a huge misconception regarding fragrances eradicating the period smell that a woman naturally holds when she is on her period. Large companies that are simply trying to woo their customer add fragrances on the top sheet of the pad. This is so that when the customer opens the pad the first smell they take in is off the chemical. At this point the customer is not thinking about the smell after the fragrance comes in touch with the menstrual blood. UNFORTUNATELY it is going to be enhanced due to the mixture between the blood and the fragrance, resulting in an even worse smell. Just for you to feel the smell is not going to occur, brands add fragrance but we all must remember it is used to deflect our mind from the long term issue. Whereas in chemical-free sanitary pads there is no fragrance and they recommend you to change the chemical-free sanitary pad every 3-4 hours resulting in no smell anyways as the smell starts building up post the 6th hour.

fragrance free sanitary pads

 3) No Rashes and Itchiness

 Due to the use of a chemical-free sanitary pad, in which there is no chlorine and fragrances we are able to ensure a period that is itch free and rash free. This results in 56% of the customer in the market having their problem resolved. When we went in the market we went out to study the periods of 1500 women, at the time of which our study told us that we had to look into rashes and itchiness to e able to penetrate the ,market because of which we started understanding what are the causes for these problems, coming with a solution that clearly read chemical-free sanitary pads. No chemicals and no unnecessary additions that will mislead the customer.

chemical free sanitary pads

To conclude, chemicals should surely not be in touch with your body let alone your vagina. This is only possible when we are using chemical-free sanitary pads instead of plastic laden sanitary pads. Just so that you all know, there are more than 25 brands in India by itself that are providing a similar product, so please feel free to do your bit of research and\ look for the right brand for you and your period. One must remember before switching to chemical free sanitary pads that you will have to be more conscious about your flow and change your sanitary pads as the utility of chemical free pads is different to conventional sanitary pads.

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  • dcrdtwfikm on November 09, 2020

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Atisha on June 17, 2020

    Hope new startups will bring the change in the world of fake sanitary napkins.

  • Priyanshi Thakral on June 09, 2020

    Plastic-free napkins are the best to use

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