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Travellers, we got your best sanitary pad!

A factor female travellers must take into consideration is dealing with “that time of the month” when on VACATION! It’s certainly annoying to have to consider our periods when planning a trip, but it shouldn’t keep you from travelling. After all, women have been on their periods since the beginning of time. Even female explorers and travelers like Amelia Earhart and Jane Goodall had to hit the road during their monthly cycle. We are help make you understand it isn't only the best sanitary pad for travelling that you need to be aware of.

Women all over the world deal with their periods, so if you make preparations in advance, you can get through it. Don’t spend all day in bed when you’ve been saving for this trip for months! We’ll show you how. How to Prepare in Advance, with the best sanitary pad for travelling as well as the best practices when you are on your travels.

Plan your trip and travel activities according to your periods -

This may seem pretty self-explanatory, but it’s not always something in the forefront of your mind when you’re planning an extended trip, or trying to cram as much activity as possible into a short time-frame. Maybe you only get a specific week or two off work/school, or perhaps you’re travelling with a group and need to choose an itinerary that works for all involved.

In any case, knowing in advance the dates you’ll be on your period can help you plan (or at least make recommendations) for activities and travel dates in general.

Consider skipping your period

Altogether or moving it around for your trip via birth control pills. While this isn’t a solution for long-term travel, it is possible to temporarily skip your period by either not taking the placebo pills if you’re on traditional pills or by going ahead and putting in a new NuvaRing if you use that system.

According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s safe to do unless your doctor says otherwise, but you may still experience spotting. With that in mind, it’s probably best to test this method before actually on your trip- you might find it more annoying to have spotting for a couple of weeks to deal with.

Useful Packing List for Travelling On Your Period

As we mentioned earlier, pack items that will help make your period easier. Here are a few to consider:

Sanitary Materials to Pack -

  • Traditional Tampons and Pads - The best sanitary pads for travelling or the best pads for travelling. If you use traditional tampons or pads, you might want to bring your chosen brand with you, depending on the length of your trip. If you’re gone for less than a month, don’t worry too much about bringing multiple boxes. But if you’re going on a long-term trip, you might want to consider other options instead of taking up unnecessary space in your luggage. The option we feel that would suit all consumers best would have to pads over tampons especially on a travel trip.

  • Reusable Pads and Panty Liners - More environmentally friendly options include reusable pads, which come in maxi and mini sizes. GladRags and Luna-pads are just a few of the brands you can try. Simply wear and wash as needed. The all-natural cotton pads don’t have the nasty chemicals you’ll find in standard pads, and the highly-absorbent material lasts 5 years.

  • Diva Cups for Travellers - Menstrual cups, like the Diva Cup, are a great option for long-term travel because they’re good for several years. Simply insert, use for up to 12 hours, empty, wash and re-insert. I do, however, recommend that you test it out well before your trip, as you might not like one brand or another.

  • Period Underwear - You might want to try period panties, underwear designed to wear alone, without the aid of tampons, and then washed. Most women tend to wear them as a backup to tampons, or on lighter days, but you might be able to get by with just the underwear and nothing else! As with everything, test in normal life before hitting the road. Yes, it surely is not the best sanitary pad or travelling but as a product, I do feel it is one of the best options. 

  • Heating Pads - While exercise helps eliminate cramps, it’s not always possible to go for a run while you’re on your period. If you’re flying on your cycle days, pack a heating pad, which will help eliminate some of the pain you’re experiencing in your back and abdomen.

  • Comfy Clothing - Period clothing is very similar to plane outfits. Dress for comfort and plan for bloating. Yoga pants, loose-fitting tops, and maxi dresses are a good idea, paired with comfortable shoes.



    Can Travelling Affect Your Period? - Travel can throw off your normal cycle, especially when you’re dealing with time zones. If you’re not on the pill, which regulates your cycle, then it’s best to have some products as a backup in your handbag or daypack at all times. This post has lots of good information on why this may occur.

    Superstitious Beliefs About Periods - Some countries have superstitious beliefs when it comes to women and their periods. Some mosques and temples don’t allow women to enter while they’re menstruating. In fact, menstrual cycles have been the reason for why women can’t hold certain jobs, including in Japan. Menstruating women are isolated for the week in rural Nepal. In parts of Africa and South America, talking about periods is a taboo. Read this article on the Huffington Post for more about period-related beliefs overseas.

    I hope we have been able to give you enough information before your trip, if you do have any more queries and would like us to answer them please do mail us on the following id and we promise to revert within an hour!

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