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Are Panty liners effective?

what  does a panty liner do

Sanitary pads come in lots of sizes starting from 220mm to 420mm, one chooses the length of the sanitary pad not according to the flow but according to what is comfortable. Yes this is a misconception that the consumers have that the size of the sanitary pad and the absorption go hand in hand, but NO this is a misconception a pad of any size can be super absorbent. Now where does the Pantyliner come into the picture, what does a pantyliner do? Through this article we will take you through what does a pantyliner do and how it should be a part of the products you purchase for yourself during your periods.


What is a Pantyliner?

A Pantyliner can be looked at as a smaller sanitary napkin. It is much thinner than a sanitary napkin as it has lesser layers than a conventional napkin, it is much shorter in length in comparison to a sanitary napkin and absorbs much lesser than a sanitary napkin. The purpose of a pantyliner is different to that of a sanitary pad. The sanitary pad is supposed to be used when the flow is substantial whereas the pantyliner is useful on a daily basis to keep your vagina and your area down below hygienic and clean. The size of a panty liner varies between 150 to 180mm and absorbs in the region of 5-10ml, helping it serve its purpose of tackling daily discharges and first day and last day period spotting. So we have a basic understanding of what does a panty liner do, let's try and elaborate to try and clear out all your doubts.

panty liners

Why panty liners are important?

Here we will try to explain the importance of a pantyliner and let you know what does a pantyliner do that makes it so essential.

1. All daily discharges that could result in rashes and allergies are taken care of. With the help of a small pantyliner all users are kept clean and safe down under.

2. Panty liners save us from the abrupt break through of a period, as the daily use of the pantyliner is enough to tackle the first day spotting that all women experience before the onslaught of period blood.

3. Keeping your clothes clean and presentable :p When consumers start to wear panty liners they realize the discharges that the vagina gives out is not in any way nominal; it is a daily process as must be catered to. There is a population of women that is aware and uses the pantyliner daily to stay clean and hygienic, but there is also a population that is unaware.

4. Not letting it get too stinky and sweaty down under. Since the panty liner is an absorbent it does not only take care of the blood but also the moisture that is present around the vagina which could be in the form of sweat.

This is what a pantyliner does to keep us locked in and safe. Now we will move onto some other aspects of the pantyliner which will make the topic clearer.

panty liners use

When should I use the pantyliner?

The pantyliner is supposed to be used daily or on the first and last day of your periods when the flow of blood is very light also known as spotting days. This is when a pantyliner is most effective and efficient. A Pantyliner if worn every day except for the 3 days of intensively flow is the best practice one can inculcate. Just be careful the brand you are purchasing uses little to zero plastics as this can cause rashes and allergies.

Where can I procure a panty liner?

Panty liners till 5 years back were not prevalent in the Indian market. With the entry of startups who started to explain and make consumers understand the use of a pantyliner the consumers started to demand the same and The MNCs came back into the picture. The softest and best sanitary pads are from the start ups like LAIQA & Pee safe. The other brands that have launched the pantyliner a year back are again resorting to the plastic solution to this problem. In the case of the plastic panty liners we need to understand what do pantyliners do if they are plastic based, the answer for that is simply to cause infections.

how to use panty liners

How to use pantyliners?

Now the question is not about what does a pantyliner do, but also how in the world do we use it. It does not even have wings, how will it stick and stay In place, it could also just slip out right? Firstly there is glue at the back of the liner, this ensures that the liner stays In place at all times and also the liner is very small and light so it usually stays put due to the underwear.

1. Open the panty liners, they are usually 3 fold to maintain utmost hygiene.

2. Open the release sheet which is at the back of the panty liner, this helps the liner to stick to your panty.

3. Use for 3-5 hours depending on person to person.

4. Throw the used panty liner with the wrapper of the next liner so that disposal is fast and clean.

Hope this article gives you full clarity on what does a pantyliner do? And also on what does a pantyliner do that makes it perfect for every girl & woman’s use.

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  • bhavya on May 21, 2020

    Many women still don’t know about panty liners

  • Ahana on May 21, 2020

    Well written and nicely illustrated with infographics

  • Aisha on May 21, 2020

    Panty liners can be used if they are biodegradable.

  • Ayushi on May 19, 2020

    Pantyliners are very good for daily use

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