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Are Cotton Sanitary Pads actually a thing?

cotton sanitary pads

Let's get straight to the chase. We all know the world is finally trying to become conscious, with everyone wanting to purchase electric cars and biodegradable products, it has become cool today. To make a real transformation, the race has to be led by companies that are providing necessity-based products, that are being consumed daily. These products are the ones that get disposed off in large quantities and make most of the waste that is generated. The industry that we are looking to focus on today is the Feminine Hygiene market - that boasts a 50 billion dollar market size. With Plastic pads being the main cause of concern, we have seen new companies (Startups) take the cotton pad route. Over this article, we will try and understand the use of a cotton pad and whether it can actually replace the conventional napkin we have been using for the last 100 years.

Cotton Pads are made of thermal air bound cotton fibre.  This fibre is melted and then through air pressure compressed against one another to form a core. Thereafter all the other layers use cotton and OXI biodegradable plastic which is only 7% of the pad. OXI biodegradable plastic is used in the cotton pad which makes it 100% Biodegradable.

cotton pads

Cotton Pads were first brought to the forefront in Finland, where a company started to find alternatives for sanitary pads as they have an inelastic demand and even if there are substitutes, they are hardly used or are also plastic based. The company decided to work with a substance that held true to the following 2 words COMFORTING AND ABSORBENT, both of which they found in Cotton Pads.

It is essential to come with cotton pads in rural countries where 99% of the population is using plastic Pads, this is also because they know no better and are also provided with no better, with sparse competition in the field the MNC are dominating and bullying the market with low-quality products. With so many sanitary pads being consumed, it was the need of the hour to find a substitute.


Cotton pads were brought to the forefront in 2003 when at a fair, companies were boasting there long-lasting absorbency and dry top sheet - we had someone show all the downsides of the pads these men were boasting about. At first, not too many heads turned as the stall was small and the companies boasting were large MNCs with the largest booths, but over the course of 72 hours we saw a crowd hurdling around this small stall and it was the one displaying cotton pads.


Thanks to cotton pads, today we have a substitute option from the conventional pads that still boat 95% of the market share. We in the cotton pad industry have a long way to go, but must remember, the better and honest product will always win.


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  • Diksha on March 27, 2020

    Definitely gonna start using cotton sanitary napkins after reading this blog.

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