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Am I Pregnant?

how do I know if I am pregnant

Many women do not feel any pregnancy symptoms, but many others, even before taking a pregnancy test, clearly notice that they are pregnant. If you ask yourself "how do I know if I am pregnant?" and you want to check it before the test, this article is for you.

To find out if you are pregnant, the only reliable method is the menstruation kit which is also called a pregnancy test kit. Having clarified this, there are common pregnancy symptoms that will give you clues as to whether you are pregnant.


Many women experience quite a lot of tiredness and feel sleepy at any time of the day.

The woman's body prepares to host a new life. This translates into a considerable increase in the volume of blood circulating through your veins and an increased pulse. So, you also need a longer rest to regain energy.

Feeling of discomfort, listlessness and some weakness are normal in the first weeks of pregnancy. Even before it is confirmed by a pregnancy test.

symptoms of pregnancy


As we mentioned, the cardiovascular system of women is working at forced marches. Therefore, it is normal for a drop in blood pressure to cause dizziness at any time of the day, which in some cases can end in fainting.

They are more frequent when standing up or getting out of bed suddenly, after eating, or after standing for a long time. To avoid them, always do it slowly and avoid standing for a long time.

Slight vaginal bleeding:

The fifth week of gestation is usually the time when many women are sure of their pregnancy. The first missed period has already occurred, although it may be confused with implantation bleeding, although this is much less abundant than normal menstruation.

It is the moment in which the embryo can already be seen in ultrasound and has grown to twice its size, reaching almost a centimeter from head to tail. You can use LAIQA sanitary pads in case of menstruation disorder.

Nausea and vomiting:

There are women who do not have them and others who can have them throughout their pregnancy, although they most often disappear after the first trimester, at most four months. But this depends a lot on each woman.

Again, those responsible are the hormones that cause an unpleasant sensation of a queasy stomach, excessive salivation, and the urge to vomit, which in some cases takes place. They are more common in the morning when you wake up, although they can occur at any time of the day.

am I pregnant?

A lot of sleep, exhaustion, and tiredness:

For some women, the first trimester turns into a busy night period. Anxiety about the development of pregnancy can disturb sleep. Although it is common for the pregnant woman to feel very tired and need more sleep to feel well. It is something totally normal and is caused by the hormonal changes that the body undergoes, such as increased progesterone.

The best thing is not to try to fight against the need to rest and to allow yourself, as far as possible, long nights of sleep. Also, take moments of rest throughout the day.

Other pregnancy symptoms:

We have discussed the most common pregnancy symptoms, but as you know, each woman is different and can experience changes at all levels.

Some women experience other common complaints such as a headache that is concentrated on both sides of the head and at the back of the neck and nasal congestion. Those are caused by dilated blood vessels or swelling of the feet and hands due to increased blood volume.

pregnancy symptoms

After reading all these symptoms, now you have sufficient menstruation awareness.

If you are on your regular menstruation cycle, we recommend using LAIQA sanitary pads. 

LAIQA sanitary napkin is made from the highest quality and with absorbent material which is good for her good for earth.

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