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All About Panty Liners!

what are panty liners

In this article we are going to guide you all about panty liners. Panty liners are thin pads worn inside underwear that absorb small amounts of menstrual blood and fluid. As its lighter and thinner, panty liners are designed to act as a barrier against daily vaginal discharge, post-sex discharge or light menstrual flow. Therefore, here is all about panty liners you need to know:    

1. Feel Fresh All Day: Panty Liners keep you dry and fresh throughout the day. Using a panty Liner everyday is a rudimentary  way to keep up your personal hygiene.

2. Manage Discharge: They’re great to take care of vaginal discharge. Some women use panty liners every day to manage vaginal discharge, and other women use sanitary pads on the 1st and last day of their periods.   

why use panty liners

3. Lighter Period Days: Best to use on the days leading to your period, or towards the last days of your period, when the flow is barely there. A lot of women wear daily liners just in case their period pops up unexpectedly. 

4. For Urinary Incontinence: Panty Liners help absorb the leakage caused by a sensitive bladder.

5. Absorb Postpartum Flow: Panty Liners can help manage the light postpartum flow experienced by new mothers, a few weeks after giving birth.

Taking the understanding of panty liners further on, when we say we want you to know all about panty liners, we want you to know what they do and also when to use them -

When to use Panty Liners?

when to use panty liners

1. Right before you expect your period: It will help you in a way that it will arrest the initial blood flow while at the same time make you feel at ease as panty liners aren’t as heavy as pads.

2. A few days after your Period: Vaginal discharge is very common during ovulation. Wearing Pantyliners once your period is over can help protect you against this.

3. Keep a few handy in your handbag: When one is going through puberty and experiencing changes such as developing chest, growth spurt, mood swings, etc. panty liners can be used. Also, periods can be irregular during this time and hence, panty liners can help. 


Now you know when to use them, how do you apply them is knowing all about panty liners enough or do i need to get more understanding so that it isn't dangerous - PANTY LINERS ARE HARMLESS and can be worn every day even if flow and discharges are very minimal.

How To Use Panty Liners?

how to use panty liners

1. Before and after wearing a panty liner, make sure to wash your hands well.

2. It’s advisable to use unscented panty liners to minimize chances of vaginal infection or itching. Using unscented panty liners helps to maintain a better vaginal hygiene.

3. Make sure to change your pantyliner every few hours to avoid any infection.

4. Women are asked to wear panty liners at all times, if they are worried about discharges and spotting, they are harmless to your skin and will surely not irregulate your pH Levels.

5. Panty liners should not be worn during heavy periods. They are not meant to absorb your daily flow, it's for spotting and discharges.

6. In case you have soft and sensitive skin, try to pick panty liners made only with natural extracts, please don't think this only mean organics.They are gentle enough for daily use and won’t irritate your vagina.

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