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21st Century Pads!

sanitary pads online

This is mainly taking into consideration the situation in India, where sanitary pads are sold like drugs are in New York city, wrapped in a new paper or black polythene bag and never does the customer or the seller mention the name of the commodity. India has progressed and grown in many ways and forms, but when it comes to female rights and empowerment they are way down the pecking order. This is not only in theory but over recent years we have seen how women are discriminated in India through the discrimination in wages, feminine rights, domestic violence and cases in which women have been suppressed and objectified by men. This all results in women digging deep into a cocoon and not willing to come out, just like in the situation mentioned in the first sentence of this paragraph, women are not able to openly talk to a vendor about a product they NEED on a monthly basis.

affordable sanitary pads online

The Taboo behind periods is being tackled by new startups that are looking to change the way women procure sanitary pads. They are making pads available at a woman’s doorstep so that they do not have to indulge in the torrid process of purchasing from a man who does not have the respect to deal with Pads as a normal product. These startups are looking to cater to women at a very personal level and at the same time building a lot of awareness regarding periods and female menstruation on the whole. This is resulting in women gaining a voice knowing they are being backed and supported by these start up brands. Now the catch here is that they are not just delivering to your doorstep!


New brands are looking to make sanitary pads online available for customers so that they can avail them at any point they want to. Not only are our sanitary pads online but they are selling through 6 different avenues which surpasses the availability provided to their customers by a Whisper and Stay-free. Start up sanitary pad brands make it a point to have there sanitary pads available through Retailers (Pan India), E-commerce Platforms, Direct relationship with customers (Text and calling), Website & Exhibitions making it much easier to avail a natural start up rand sanitary pad product than it is to avail any other sanitary pad online or offline. Here on I will explain how Startups are giving a non discriminatory future to the Female products in India.

india's sanitary pad problems

What do startups do that make them pads of the 21st Century.

 Hassle free procurements of sanitary pads online and offline. Startups around India have been able to identify the locations offline where customers would require their products, they have strategically placed themselves so that customers can easily avail pads at any point of time in NCR. When it comes to procuring the sanitary pads online, they have made them available over 20 E-commerce platforms and have boosted its availability online through building awareness around periods on social media, driving traffic to their website. Pan india LAIQA makes partners with female entrepreneurs to make their product available to women pan india, this is not only a technique of making the product readily available but also empowering women all over india by giving them a female oriented product to sell.


 1. Sanitary pads online are not the only reason we say these are the 21st century solution, it is because of the quality of the pads too. The pads are a natural solution to a plastic based product. Sanitary pads are a 90% Plastic commodity and over the years have not evolved at all. The quality of the product has remained the same with the price increasing year on year. With start up brands, the price is 70% greater than a Whisper but so is the product quality.

2. Providing customers with product knowledge, the MNC brands in the market would rather like to hold back technical information and would much rather try and sell the flowery story they are looking to sell to you. With a vivid understanding of the product through information provided by all new start ups customers are now understanding the B grade products they were being made to use by the MNC’s, now why don't these startups procure a larger market share, the simple reason for this is that they do not have the marketing spend and the market influence that large MNCs like PnG do.

conventional pads

3. New brands are looking to build a community for the women in India, identifying the largest problem of women not having a platform where they can voice themselves. They are looking to develop platforms and build communities that will help women unify their voice so that it is heard in the very buzzing busy world. With sanitary pads online making a strong wove toward awareness with digital media support the communities and the platforms provided are giving women a common more powerful voice.

4. These brands do not only care about women with the ability to spend but they are also catering to the underprivileged who have very little to no knowledge about menstruation. Start ups are taking a pledge under which they provide a pad for every pack they sell, resulting in pads being provided to the underprivileged who were not availing the whisper and stay free pads either that are too expensive for them.  These startups do not only provide pads but they also take classes every Wednesday and Saturday to educate students not only about menstruation and periods but also about current affairs and basic knowledge and understanding that is required for the 21st century world.


Yes we are in the 21st century and thank you to all the new start ups that are looking to sell sanitary pads online making it much easier for us to procure pads and more hassle free. With that also providing much needed information into the subject as we know for a matter of fact that the government won't as they haven't for years on years and neither with the MNC. We are in the 21st century and have been provided with a 21st century menstrual solution.


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  • Malika Chopra on April 02, 2020

    Great initiative and deep thoughts on women empowerment.

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